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Electrician in Sheffield


Rewire or just a fuse board upgrade?

Here are a couple of easy things to check. Call us for FREE advice if you're not sure.

1.Check the fuse board - the old rewirable fuses (without a trip switch) are not unsafe but do indicate an older wiring system. There are much better and safer products on the market today, call us to discuss an upgrade.

2.Check if your wiring is PVC twin and earth - flat grey PVC cable with a red and black (or brown and blue) cable inside separated by a bare earth cable. Modern twin and earth usually lasts a long time, older rubber cable can deteriorate and may need replacing.

RCD keeps tripping

Most of the time it is an appliance at fault. First try unplugging EVERYTHING from the sockets and then try to reset the RCD, if this works start plugging things back in - if the RCD trips again you have found a faulty appliance - repair or replace it. If these checks fail call us for free advice.

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